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            10.Don’t worry, I am sure it will .

            1.The door for no apparent reason.

            8.“Don’t worry, we’re not likely to run any of them here.” I said, grinning at her.

            4.He is better known his film and TV work.

            3.In recent years, she has been subject attacks of depression.

            1.The elderly live in fear assault and murder.

            9.He blurted it before I had time to stop him.

            9.For many times in his life, this piece of advice from his father has rather .

            4.I am fed up with this watch— it’s three times already this year.

            5.I a little of the man next door. He never smiled.

            6.She confided me that the subject did not interest her much.

            fall asleep prove useful turn pale grow afraid go wrong

            7.I am fed up hearing Jan boast her new job.

            8.At the sight of the snake, the girl and started to scream.

            come open run deep get fat turn out fine end up penniless

            7.I must be , those trousers are really tight.

            2.She succeeded, to my mind, in living up her extraordinary reputation.

            10. To testify his brother is the last thing in the world he would do.

            3.He always after drinking red wine.

            2.She will if she carries on spending as much as that.

            6.The differences between the two side and may lead to an armed clash.

            5.She had no money, aside the five dollars that Mary had given her.

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